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 Customer Support

Case Priority Levels - Cases are assigned a Priority Level based upon the severity of the issue. The table below shows how COP will define the Priority of your case.

Severity Level - Problem Description
Critical: Production stop due to product or major feature failure or data corruption.
 Serious: Major impact. Major feature/product failure; inconvenient workaround or no workaround exists.
 Minor: Minor impact. Minor feature/product failure, convenient workaround exists.
 Informational or Feature Request: Functionality does not match documented specifications or customer would benefit from new feature.
** A nonconformity is not considered an error if (a) the product is combined or merged with any hardware or software not supported by COP; or (b) the error is caused by Customer's misuse or improper use of the product; or (c) if the error cannot be reproduced in an unmodified version of the product running on the applicable platform.
Case Response Based on Priority
If you have a case that fits the Critical definition, it is recommended that you call Support to notify us of the problem in real-time.

The table below shows the method that you should use to contact support based upon priority and the response times that you may expect from COP when you submit a case.

Severity Level  Recommended Reporting Method Initial Response Time
Critical  Phone  2 hours
High  Phone, Email, or Web  4 Business hours
Medium  Self Service Portal  1 Business day
Low  Self Service Portal  2 Business days


* Note: It is recommended that for Critical cases, the customer report the case by telephone, in addition to e-mail and/or Web reporting, for real-time engagement of a Support Engineer.

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